• Uitlaatklep

    A talkshow for and by young people, led by Victoria Koblenko.
    Ilse directed 6 brand new episodes.

    Everything about the show the Uitlaatklep can be found at the rich website of the Uitlaatklep.

  • JVtv op RAI

    For the promotion of Utrecht as a start location of Giro d’Italia, JVtv created a spot.
    This spot was broadcast at RAI-sport in Italy.

    It’s fun..

  • Droomshow

    The game show: De Droomshow we created has been included in the canon of Dutch children’s television.

  • Leraar 24

    Progress of producing items for Leraar24 in 2010

    Teleac has commissioned us to produce over 150 items in 2010 for internet community Leraar24.

    This is a platform where teacher can view clips about education.

    From technology education to dealing with parents, from language promotion to a workshop vocalization, everything is addressed at Leraar24.nl

  • Cinekid

    Cinekid seminar about Transmedia provides new insights!

    Trans-media productions are the future….
    According to the 5 speakers from England, Sweden and the United states, among others.

    At the Cinekid festival, they explained how the trans-media mindset works and showed them examples of their work.

    JVtv was there and was inspired to approach our formats and projects in a different manner.

    The influence of the viewers is increasing and will partially determine the content we make. The BBC is working hard on this in it’s youth programming but also Spanga’s from the NRCV is a good example.

  • HAK

    HAK chooses to use less salt in their products.

    For HAK, JVtv created 4 clips together with food expert Yneke Vocking.
    The first clip can be seen at the following website


    You’ll find the clip about the use of vitamins at producties under human interest.

  • CU kids awards

    CU Kids Gala 2009 big party!

    A real red carpet, rousing disco, a cool performance of Darrel & Sjaak and the award show of the CU Kidsaward 2009.

    Children from the Utrecht Station area celebrated at the Beatrix theatre and JVtv was there…

    For an impression: CU Kidsgala

  • Teachers Exchange

    The Teachers Exchange has been viewed over 2000 times during its first week!

    JVtv produced this successful item in which 2 teachers take over each others lessons. Soon, much more swaps…

    Teacher Exchange

  • NPOX

    NPOX festival inspires and informs program makers.

    November 16th JVtv’s Ilona and Cindy were at NPOX,where speakers from the Netherlands and abroad told us all about the future of media.
    It all begins with a format, created with a lot of passion, where a community is built around, after which you need to make sure you have die-hard fans.

    Nowadays JVtv views all formats from a trans-media perspective, meaning: not just broadcasting, but seeking out interaction with the audience.

    For more information: www.npox.nl

  • Sinterklaasshow

    Ernst, Bobbie and the rest tour across the county with their spectacular Sinterklaasshow!

    December 2nd Ilse traveled to the Zeelandhallen in Goes to direct the recording of the show for the Ernst & Bobbie DVD.

  • Eefje wins

    JVtv congratulates Eefje de Visser with winning The big price of Holland! In the category singer/songwriter. The jury admired her originality.

    And we got a chance to experience that!
    For Take it easy! Eefje composed 24 very diverse songs for us.

    A compilation of the songs can be found on our website page: Producties

  • Math

    TestKees introduces his family to you!
    Sister RekenRoos and his mother BreukenBea are the heroes of a new four-episode show at JVtv.

    Four shows about Math for group 5 + 6.
    Available from May at Z@pp!

  • 100!

    Past Monday morning 11 AM, JVtv delivered the 100th item for Leraar24 to Teleac.
    Leraar24 is THE ultimate platform for teachers in the Netherlands.

    The 100th Leraar24-item of JVtv is an item about early foreign language teaching at the European School in Amsterdam..

    Students may choose three languages: French, Spanish and Italian. The languages are offered in meaningful and interactive manner. It’s not their mother tongue, but a new, foreign language!

  • Mystrix II

    The exciting 4-part drama series Mystrix-2 is being broadcast once again.

    Wahid, Lotje, Noura and Sergio end up in a strange world during their school trip.
    In order to return to their own world, they have to answer a question every episode, posed to them by the mysterious Mystrix.
    Will these young researches succeed in getting back home?

    Every week at Z@PP (Nederland 3) from 17 February at 10.30 AM.

  • New series

    JVtv began production on HoelaHoep, the new infant and toddler show of SchoolTV | Z@ppelin.

    No less than 35 shows in which Hoela and Hoep experience all kinds of adventures together with the children.

    The screenplays are written by Tamara Bos among others.
    Curt Fortin stars as the show’s host.

    From 18 May 2010 HoelaHoep is on twice a week at Z@ppelin.

  • Eva Crutzen

    RekenRoos is the extremely smart sister of Pr.Dr.Testkees.

    She loves everything about figures and is very good at mental calculation.

    Due to her highly combustible nature, she ends up in strange situations, leaving her desperate to save the family honor every single time!

    For more information about Eva Crutzen: click

  • Giro Italia

    Sunday May 9th, the Giro d’Italia will attend Utrecht. The promotional film Utrecht lives! we created, has been adjusted and is shown at the press conference.

    This way, journalists from Italy can see how beautiful our little city is!

    Curious about theUtrecht lives! film?

    Please check the page Productions under the heading ‘Human Interest’

  • Fotoshoot

    Past week: Photo shoot for the animations of Hoela en Hoep!

  • Fotoshoot

    Past week: Photo shoot for the animations of Hoela en Hoep!

  • Martine Sandifort

    BreukenBea is the extremely smart and headstrong mother of Pr.Dr.TestKees and RekenRoos.

    Bea prefers to solve all math problems with the help of liquorice laces, marshmallows, pink cake or lollypops.
    And, honestly, what better to solve a fraction by dividing a cream cake into pieces?

    Martine Sandifort stars as BreukenBea.
    She is known from Koefnoen, Spijkers met koppen among other shows, and her hilarious show with Alex Klaasen.

    Figure [in Dutch: Rekenen] is broadcast starting Wednesday May 12th on Z@pp, around 10.30 AM.

    Posted: 20th of March 2010

  • Transmediaal

    Ilse & Ilona are in London between March 24th and March 26th to talk about the do’s and don’ts of trans-media productions with various companies (including BBC, Mudlark and Six2Start).

    This way, we stay informed about the perceptions of Generatie Z (9-12 yr) and investigate the possibilities for our new formats.

    Want to know more? E-mail: click

    Links: Mudlark | SixToStart | CBBC

    Posted: 22th of March 2010

  • Behind the scenes

    The shooting of RekenRoos on site is over.

    Roos visited a chocolate factory, a sawmill, a candy factory and the greenhouses of a peppery nursery.

    Everything to solve the math assignments that Prof.dr.Testkees and BreukenBea give her, to become the smartest family of the Netherlands!

    If you would like to see what happened between the Paprika’s and how RekenRoos did, please click the link: RekenRoos

  • Cannes

    11 –14 April, Ilse and Ilona will pay a visit to MIP TV in Cannes, the tradeshow where TV makers from all over the world meat each other.

    We’ll be inspired, check new programs and gather information about what the channels are looking for.

    More info: www.mipworld.com

    And, of course, if there’s a party, we’ll be there as well!

    Posted: 7th of April 2010

  • Luzern

    22 April marks the date of the TED Conference about Transmedia with the title ‘Dare to change’!

    Objective: Inspiring media to create innovative content and to develop strategies to connect to the audience of the future.

    More than enough reason for Ilona and Ilse to travel to Luzern and to be there, April 22nd.

  • Take it easy!

    How do school children assess ‘Take it Easy’ in practice?

    JVtv has produced this innovative audiovisual English education method for the digital blackboard.

    At our channel 4-Thought you can see what students and teachers think about all this.

    Posted: 20th of April 2010

  • FB

    JVtv has its own fan page on Facebook

    When you befriend JVtv you’ll always be up to date regarding the latest news, and you’ll be able to follow that what happens behind the scenes at JVtv.

    Posted: 29th of April 2010

  • Media smarties

    JVtv creates 4 film-classes for PABO students, editors, Jona Schmidt and Odessa Glansbeek bring the world of gaming, internet and television to life.

    Now, a short clip from the show MEDIA available at our production page MediaSmarties


    Posted: 15th of June 2010

  • 24

    JVtv has reached the magical 24 hours!

    We have produced 24 hours of movies for the online platform: www.leraar24.nl

    We celebrate this festive occasion with a making off clip on our channel: 4thought

    Posted: 24th of June 2010

  • Anouk is back

    Anouk Hartmann is back at JVtv!
    She did an internship with us and is now a drs. In Film & TV sciences.

    Anouk will begin as production assistant at
    Leraar 24 and succeeds Justin who just became
    an editor with Z@pp Sport.

  • Transmedia

    "Math with TestKees" is going trans-media! Games, a quiz and all kinds of personal information about Testkees and his smart family is soon to be found on a website that can be linked to the digital teaching method.
    JVtv considers this project to be a pilot, a laboratory to see which media we can combined around the stories of Testkees.

  • Twitter

    Want to get to know JVtv even better?
    It’s possible!
    Both Ilona and Ilse can be followed on Twitter.
    A great mix of personal and business tweets from the heart of the company!


    Posted: 20th of September 2010

  • Love channel

    Love… a very topical and recent theme we love to talk about and can’t get enough of!

    JVtv is developing a Love channel with beautiful clips, interesting facts and nice stories.

    What keeps you busy?
    We would love to hear it.
    If you would like to participate, please e-mail your response to: anouk@jvtv.nl

    Posted: 23th of September 2010

  • Dancing!

    At JVtv we believe that it’s important for children to feel great, both physically and mentally. Together with dancer Nana Appiah we’re developing a trans-media concept, where children and dance are central. A TV show, an internet platform and events in the country are the foundation. ‘Dancing is making music with your body’

    Posted: 23th of September 2010

  • ‘From story to legend’

    During the National Filmfestival Mediafonds and NBF organize a master class in which trans-media is central.

    JVtv will be there, September 27th, and has come up with a concept around the theme ‘60 years of television’ which has been selected for the master class.

    Speakers from the Netherlands and abroad, provide input and there is time for personal advice.
    NPO, Beeld & Geluid and Mediafonds work together on this unique trans-media project.

    Posted: 24th of September 2010

  • Dare to explore

    And that is what Ilse and Ilona did in Geneve at TED X Transmedia. In the uninspired building of RTV Suisse, about 20 speakers inspired us by their story. And what it’s about is that we need to have the courage to begin a trans-media project: Dare to…Start! So: we started our LOVECHANNEL
    (online in November) and we have already conducted the first interviews.

    Posted: 9th of October 2010

  • Mourning

    Children and mourning, an intense combination.
    Still, every year, 7000 children in the age of 0-18 are facing a death in their family.

    Stichting Achter de Regenboog (AdR) supports and accompanies children to give the death of their loved once a place in their lives.

    JVtv is producing a film commissioned by AdR, in which we show what happens in a children’s weekend. The show will be taped November 20th and 21st.

    Posted: 20th of October 2010

  • Love Channel

    Special love stories and controversial quotes can from now on be found at our Love Channel.

    ‘To me, ex-boyfriends are forbidden ground’ says Lisette (24).

    What would you do if your partner cheated?

    Jooske (53) was cheated on and has cheated on, but doesn’t like it at all.

    But for Godfried (40), this doesn’t mean that the relationship is over..

    Soon more at our own JVtv production channel Love Channel

    Posted: 25th of October 2010

  • R.E.L.

    The 31st of October, the Avro will air a new art program: R.E.L.
    ‘A must-see for everyone who things modern art is scary or hard’
    R.E.L. is made with Michiel Romeyn and Jim Lamoree. Director: Ilse Vocking.

    Posted: 21st of October 2010

  • JVtv wins pitch

    JVtv has won the pitch for a corporate film commissioned by the project organisation station area!

    The film puts potential users central, what the redevelopment of the stations area is intended for.

    Production will begin late November, the delivery will be mid 2011.

    Director: Wim Zagt

    Posted: 5th of November 2011

  • Lakenhal

    "The sword of the Lakenhal" is the title of the latest JVtv film for museum De Lakenhal in Leiden.
    Starring Ferry Asselbergs and Marlies Kaars. The film is directed by Doesjka van Hoogdalem.

    Posted: 7th December of 2011

  • HoelaHoep

    In January, the 2nd series of Hoela Hoep will start production at JVtv!

    No less than 28 new episodes that can be seen at Nederland 3 from May next year.

    Producer Gosia Dielessen is already working hard on the formation of the HH team!

    Posted: 13th of December 2010

  • Mediasmart

    JVtv makes PABO –students media smart!

    January marks the start of the production of a new film for Mediasmarties, this time about the development of 6-12 year olds.

    Posted: 16th of December 2010

  • Happy New Year!

    We wish you all a very happy and playful New Year!

    Posted: 1st January 2011

  • Adventure

    The AVRO once again asked Ilse Vocking to direct 6 new episodes of REL!

    An incursion in the world of modern art with Michiel Romeyn and Jhim Lamoree.
    First episode: 20th of February, 11.30 PM at Nederland 2.

    Posted: 7th of January 2011

  • Teachers Exchange

    Leraar24 is an online platform of, by and for teachers.
    For this channel, JVtv produces several hundreds of clips per year.
    One of our regular items is the Teachers Exchange.

    Two teachers exchange classes for a day to learn from each other’s class situation.
    This time, Heleen Lemaire will teach at the WKZ and switches places with Imke van de Venne for a day.

    The report is available for viewing at our production channel: KLIK

    Posted: 10th of January 2011

  • JVtv congres

    Ilona Jens and Ilse Vocking were asked to open the NationaalMediaCoach Congres 2011 and to provide a workshop.

    300 professionals from the educational sector have themselves inspired by each other and by us! More info: www.nomc.nl

    The congress takes place March 31st 2011

    Posted: 24th of January 2011

  • MIPtv 2011

    Cannes was once again fertile, sunny and pleasant.
    We have many new contacts, including with two enterprising Canadian producentes.

    The sessions were interesting trans-media production and give us food for thought about our own projects.

    Posted: April 8, 2011

  • Premiere

    April 9th marked the premiere of our film for Stichting Achter de Regenboog.
    Parents, children and carers responded with a huge applause and were moved.
    The film is used to find sponsor funds to be able to realize these weekends in the future as well.
    More info: www.achterderegenboog.nl

    A short version of our film is available for viewing at our production channel:Human Interest

    Posted: 11th of April 2011

  • Hoela Hoep II

    The recordings of the new hoelaHoep series are in full swing.
    And today, the first episode aired!
    Netherlands 3 Z@ppelin at 10.10 hours.

    Missed? No worries HoelaHoep is 2 times a week throughout the year to see at Z@ppelin.

    And now a new clip online: hugs

    Posted: May 10, 2011

  • Station

    The shooting for the corporate film about the redevelopment of the station area of Utrecht are in full swing.
    In early June, this film will be shown in the information center on the Vredenburg and the site of CU2030.
    Different characters, young and old, tell them passion itself in the plans for the redevelopment.

    Posted: May 12, 2011

  • Take it easy!

    After the success of Take it Easy (www.takeiteasy.nu) for group 5 t / m 8 JVtv has again been commissioned by a publisher ThiemeMeulenhoff IWB method to create.

    We now produce for group 1 / 2 and group 3 / 4 and are looking for native speaking actors.

    Posted: May 19, 2011

  • Summerexpo 2011

    Ilse Vocking directs for Avro’s Kunstuur a fresh new series Summer Expo 2011.
    Broadcasts v.a. May 21 four weeks time on Saturday afternoon v.a. 17.00 on 2.

    The equally fresh presentation is owned by Andrea Pol.

    On July 9, the grand opening of the Summer Exhibition Expo LIVE from the Municipal Museum in The Hague.
    From 17:00 on Netherlands 2.

    Posted: May 21, 2011

  • Brainstorm

    Love …who’s not involved with it?

    JVtv is building a love-community for which we organized a brain storm led by Judith de Bruijn.

    Love experts, creative program creators and critical people who dare to think differently has lend their minds to JVtv.
    Successfully so, because it led to no less than 3 potential formats, which we are currently developing.

    To be continued…